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Offer your clients the ultimate convenience in retail financing with ZipLoan – your partner in unlocking sales potential through accessible payment solutions.

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Custom Payment Programs and 100% Approval Programs

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Unlocking Consumer Choice

ZipLoan Empowers Shopping Destinations

Statistically, financing options heavily influence shopping destinations for 77% of consumers — and ZipLoan places this leverage into your hands swiftly.

Unlocking Consumer Choice

ZipLoan Optimizes Retail Financing

For the smaller-scale retail establishments, ZipLoan equips you to adeptly administer your lending options and optimize consumer traffic and revenue generation.

Unlocking Consumer Choice

Enhance Customer Financing Experience

Our user-oriented software and kiosks will:

  • Tailor customer financing pathways,
  • Simplify the application experience for clients and sales representatives alike,
  • And significantly boost your financial performance.

ZipLoan's fixed and flexible pricing models guarantee an ideal fit for your growing business's fiscal requirements. It's time to ignite a conversation on how ZipLoan can redefine your enterprise. Reach out to us to transform your business.

Revolutionize Your Financial Success

Unsurpassed Payment Solutions for Business Owners

At ZipLoan, we're dedicated to empowering retailers, merchants, contractors and healthcare providers with the ability to offer high-approval financing to customers in need. From expansive retail chains to burgeoning local stores, our financing alternatives are devised to harmonize with your clientele's demands as well as your company's unique aspirations.

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ZipLoan Retail Finance Integration

ZipLoan presents an inclusive Consumer Financing System for our esteemed large-scale clients. Our robust solution streamlines customer and staff financing interactions across your retail network. Our expert IT collaboration assures a harmonious integration with your systems, fostering a frictionless sales ecosystem

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ZipLoan Unifies Lending Processes

Transition away from the disparate application and approval procedures across multiple lenders with one unified interface through ZipLoan. Our system removes the complexity, replacing it with a singular streamlined process — one system, one password, and total platform independence.

Seamless Home Pre-Approval

Our innovative platform allows for pre-approval from the comfort of home, aligns with your web presence, and provides potent real-time reporting tools in the Financing Performance Portal. Monitor and bolster your financing efficiency at both the store and individual salesperson level.

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ZipLoan Fuels Growth Analytics

With a substantial number of shoppers unaware of in-store financing, ZipLoan's comprehensive digital and physical store solutions deliver the analytics needed to fuel your growth. Our flexibility to sync up with your POS systems and integration capabilities with existing Oracle and SAP frameworks ensure a uniform dataset across transactions.

About ZipLoan

Tailor-Made Enterprise Solutions

For those pioneering a multi-store environment endeavoring to present premier customer financing, look no further than ZipLoan.

"Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion."

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Onboarding & Dedicated Support

While ZipLoan is crafted for immediate use, our seasoned professionals are on standby to assist at every juncture. We'll align you with the most suitable ZipLoan offerings and provide ongoing guidance to augment customer traffic, application volumes, approvals, and revenue.

Connect with us today to start revolutionizing your payment solutions. Our amiable customer support team is eager to address any inquiries regarding ZipLoan's seamless system


Real Reviews from Our Clients About Tangible Results

Juan Carrera
Juan Carrera

Auto ShopOwner

So far this program has been very easy to handle and a lot of of my customers have been able to get approved. It’s a great way to not turn away any business. I definitely recommend Dawson and his team to help any other business and what they may need.

Katherine Navas
Katherine Navas


I’ve had a great experience using this company , Highly Recommend i!! Ziploan is next level

Tony T
Tony T

Owner Xpert Car Care

I have been in the auto repair business for ever and thought I was pretty successful. People know me from my TV ads and Facebook page. My pals at Zip-Loan hooked me up with a real sales process and increased my customers and sales $$$ to amounts I only dreamed of. They get my customers a payment plan that really works. I can bring in the estimates but Zip-Loan turns those into sales. I tried the rest, Zip-Loan is the best. Thanks Zip-Loan

Motorsports on Main
Motorsports on Main

Motorsports Team

Team really Helps with Customer Service , Cant Believe How easy it was to offer terms to all our customers,. Great approvals , Really helped our Business Sales

A consumer finance is a financing method which allows specific businesses to offer financing options to their customers by taking help from an established and professional finance company. The consumer finance can be helpful for both consumers and businesses. Through consumer finance, consumers would have the option to give pocket-sized and fixed monthly payments for a certain amount of time. With consumer finance, the buyer would not have to worry about making an enormous upfront payment. It provides for a fast approval process for the applicants and includes various industries like in-home direct sales, dental, medical device financing, and more.

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Credit Solutions for Every Situation

How often does it happen that people miss a couple of their credit payments? Pretty frequent right? Or maybe you have a history of bankruptcy? or a County Court Judgement has been awarded against you which left you with a not-so-good rating? Well, no need to worry anymore! In case you have a poor credit rating, we are here for you! However, before you take a loan or a mortgage from us, you might want to take a step back and think about various things related to it such as,

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Unlock unprecedented profitability and customer satisfaction by presenting 'Financing For All' with ZipLoan — your foremost choice in customizable, no-credit-needed retail financing solutions fostering '100% Approval Programs' for all credit types. Start offering affordable, premium payment solutions and propel your business towards success.

Contact ZipLoan and harness the power of innovative consumer financing today.

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