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Tax Relief Finance Programs

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Offer Terms and Help All Clients

Zip Loan has launched Buy Now Pay Later programs for tax resolution specialists looking to help their clients stay current on their payments through flexible payment plans. The BNPL program facilitates quicker debt resolution and benefits clients who find themselves unable to bear the financial commitment of paying back taxes, service fees, or interest.

Announcing the Buy Now Pay Later payment program for tax resolution experts, Zip Loan offers short-term financing solutions that help taxpayers avoid liens or wage garnishments and continue working with tax resolution specialists.

With the current recession, many individuals are looking for ways to pay their IRS dues and debts with more flexible payment terms. Zip Loan partners with tax resolutions specialists, offering Buy Now Pay Later payment system, clients can create a more customized repayment schedule, making missed payments and late fees a thing of the past.

Zip Loan enables clients who have subprime credit to keep their business going. They streamlined the underwriting process to provide financial products that were once available only to large companies. Small and medium enterprises can now utilize these financial products to expand their inventory or increase their working capital.

Since the company believes in No Credit Check financing, clients still working to improve their credit scores can successfully take out a loan. However, while Zip Loan doesn’t look at credit, they might require the client a few other requirements like tax returns for the last two years, employment proof and history, previous loan history, education records, and bank statements.

The company’s low-interest rates aren’t just for those whose businesses are established, because Zip Loan gives clients various ways to repay their loans. Some of the ways they make loans easier to repay is to delay the start of EMI payments or link an idle savings bank account.

Zip Loan is neither a bank nor a traditional lender. They are financial technology (FinTech) company that offers financial management, data analytics, and other related services. They offer BNPL solutions for medical, dental, and cosmetic practices as well as legal, HVAC, home improvement, retail, veterinary, and debt settlement businesses. They believe in being able to provide multiple offers, creative lending methods, and highly flexible repayment terms.

According to a spokesperson for Zip Loans, “Zip Loan provides technology to meet a wide variety of needs with innovative solutions. Our development team is happy to customize anything necessary, and we look forward to helping new partners.”

For more information, visit: https://zip-loan.com


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